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Bernard Reams Says...

"This is my first week trading this style...My trading hour is from 5:30-6:30 AM EST...This [trade] worked out to 4.6 [9%+ Profits] to 1 trade. 60 pip target and 13 pip stop loss."

Russ T Mahlangu Says...

"Mr Israel Ikhinmwin is a master trader in my view"
"Thank you so much Israel and I hope this helps others who are scared to pull the trigger"

Harvey Bastacky Says...

"Hi Israel, I like your strategy for trading Forex. I closed out a trade this morning on the GBPCAD and captured over 100 pips. Regards. Harvey."

Chris Dobbs Says...

"You have an excellent way of teaching people, you have a clear way of breaking down and explaining what topic it is your teaching...I have a very successful uncle who has been trading for 25 years...the information you have given me so far matches exactly what my uncles has been discussing with me so that's proof enough for me you are not scamming people."

5 Weeks in Arnell Pablo Says...

"Let's just say I've made more in one day in just a couple hours I made more in one day than I did in a whole paycheck in my last job."

"Now I'm looking to travel...I'm looking to travel for a while. I'm going to Cancun pretty soon, Miami and I want to live abroad...So I'm really excited about this opportunity that's really afforded me the flexibility."

David Carter Says...

"Hi Israel, Happy New Year to you and I hope you had a good Christmas break. I purchased your course at the end of November when it was on the “Black Friday” sale, I had planned to start the course in the New Year, but the price was too good to miss, so thanks for the reduction. I am about half way through the course and finding it VERY helpful. Since I started trading your way my account is up +30%! This is something I have never achieved before in Forex...Many thanks,  David"
Here's What You'll Get
  • Make Thousands of Dollars A Month Trading Forex From Home - Get the exact same Forex strategy I use myself to make money trading Forex from home. ($9,997 Value)
  • Only Trade for 1-2 Hours a day - Even if you have full time commitments this will work for you. My strategy is extremely flexible. ($997 Value)
  • Other Forex Traders Help You Make Money - You will receive lifetime access to my private Forex community where other traders can help you on your journey to full time Forex trader. ($1,997 Value)
  • Access a professional Forex trader 24/7 - You can contact me anytime you like via email but can also contact me in the private community any day. ($4,997 Value)
  • Safe & Secure Investment - All of your payment details are safe today but you also have a rock solid money back guarantee to try this out and see if it works. ($1,997 Value)
  • Build Your Forex Account Really Fast - You will learn my secret Forex strategy for building your Forex trading account if you are starting small and want a bigger account in only a few months. ($997 Value)
  • Copy My Trades - I will share the trades I'm taking so you can copy my trades and make money too easily. ($1,997 Value)
All This & More - Total Value $23,476

Khoa Bui Says...

"Hi Israel, I Bought Your Course Because I went through your webinar training and learned about your 2% risk but 6% profit and I started applying it in my demo account." - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service